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FAQ Apps (iMRSone & OmniBrain)

How to add music to the OmniBrain

  • Prepare a micro-SD card (no larger than 32GB). Create a subfolder /IMRS at the root folder of the micro-SD card. Copy any .mp3 music files to the directory. The OmniBrain App will automatically pick up the files during launch.
  • Go to OmniBrain App – Set the Music toggle button to “ON” and adjust the volume

OmniBrain light and audio not working

Go to OPTIONS -> OMNIBRAIN in the iMRSone App or go directly to the OmniBrain App and ensure that the Goggle and Tone/Music switches are turned on and the volume is NOT set to 0%.

music tones

How to turn on/off the notification sound? (iMRSone app)

Go to iMRSone Application -> App Settings -> Acoustic Alert when application finished: ON/OFF


How can I reset the iMRSone application settings to factory default?

You can reset all the adjustments and configurations you made to the iMRSone application (i.e. user profiles, etc. by reset the application into factory settings.

Launch iMRSone application. Go to Settings -> Factory Settings. Press “Reset Factory Settings” button

iMRSone or OmniBrain app is running unstable or can not be opened or closed

Go to Settings -> Apps, click on iMRSone or OmniBrain (maybe you have to swipe to "All" apps).

Click on "Clear Data"

Restart the App